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Winemaker: David Anderson

Wild Duck Creek Estate is a small family run winery, situated 8kms South-west of the Heathcote township along the Wild Duck Creek. David and Diana Anderson’s passion was realized in 1991, where we produced 2 wines. We now produce 5 wines annually, and six other special and rare wines that we produce only in vintages that allow us, using only traditional winemaking methods such as open fomenters, basket pressing and long-term barrel ageing. Our passion is for boldly flavoured fruit-driven wines that can be consumed young or cellared for many years. 

Our first vines were planted in 1979 by David and Diana Anderson, which is now known as ‘The Alan’s Vineyard’. The ’Original Vineyard’ was planted in 1988 on Diana’s parents block. As of 2006 we have 34 acres spread over 4 different vineyards, and we have 6 other long term growers who have been providing extremely high quality fruit for us since 1994. Our own vineyards are in the process of being converted to Biodynamic. Our only objective is to produce outstanding wines of balance and power that give the consumer as much satisfaction and delight as we get making them!
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野鴨山房-春坪系列 2007
年份 :  2007surpri
價錢 :  600.00
零售價格 :  480.00
野鴨山房-絕配系列 2006
年份 :  2006
價錢 :  420.00
零售價格 :  336.00
野鴨山房鴨屎系列 2007
年份 :  2007
價錢 :  2400.00
零售價格 :  1920.00
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